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Theodore H. Enfield Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Offices In Miami and Boca Raton

Divorce is difficult enough without going into it unprepared. If you think a divorce is in your future, there are several things you can do in Florida to protect your financial interests and your family relationships. Theodore H. Enfield is a divorce attorney in Miami with more than 35 years of experience in dealing with domestic violence issues. He has worked with couples on issues such as separation, divorce and child custody. Contact our law offices to discuss your concerns during a free telephone consultation.

Divorce Considerations

When clients come to our attorneys with questions about dissolving their marriages, usually the areas of concern include equitable distribution of marital assets and debts, child custody and child support, and alimony. Here are a few of the things we may suggest to our clients:

  • List what is important for you to achieve in your divorce, including what you would like for your children and your own financial goals.
  • Collect information about your tax returns, insurance policies, bank statements, benefit programs, salary information and investment accounts.
  • Open a bank account in only your name and at a bank where your spouse does not do business.
  • If you receive a gift, preserve documents that show the gift was given to you personally and not to you and your spouse jointly. If you receive an inheritance, do not place it into a joint account or joint ownership with your spouse.
  • Make sure your valuable documents are in a safe place.
  • Do not sign any contracts, loans, mortgages, deeds or other documents without consulting a lawyer.
  • Do not say anything disparaging about your spouse, especially if you have children.

It is important to keep lines of communication open with your spouse. If you can negotiate a divorce settlement without your spouse without going to court, you can make the decisions rather than letting a judge decide.

Also important: Do not make any life-changing decisions until you are thinking clearly about your situation. Florida will not grant you a divorce unless your marriage is irretrievably broken. If you can fix your marriage, you will save yourself a lot of money and grief.