Personal Injury Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A personal injury can turn our lives upside down in the blink of an eye. From a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, to slipping and falling at your workplace, you may have been injured because of the actions of someone else. The toll of sustaining an injury like this can be overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. The complex legal issues surrounding your injury should be the last thing on your mind as you try to heal. 

At the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield - P.A, our main goal as attorneys is to skillfully represent those who have been wronged. If you are in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, West Palm Beach, or anywhere in the greater South Florida area, our team is available to work with you to fight for your rights. Seek the financial compensation you deserve by scheduling a free consultation. 

Steps to Take After an Injury in Fort Lauderdale

The intense unrest brought about by a personal injury can extend far beyond the date of the injury itself. Knowing what to do in the days immediately following your personal injury is a way to make sure you are protecting your future. It’s important to follow these steps:

  • Seek Medical Help: Do this immediately. Medical experts will determine the extent of any injury sustained.
  • Collect Documentation: A personal injury claim may depend on documentation as evidence. Make sure to keep copies of police reports, medical records, and witness statements.
  • Personal Recollection of Details: Document your own recollection of what occurred before, during, and after the incident.
  • Report the Injury to Your Insurance: Report the accident to your insurance company immediately. Some companies have strict time requirements for reporting, which will affect your case.
  • Retain an Attorney: Hire experienced personal injury attorneys to help you file claims, negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, or go to trial.

After your injury, don’t take any more time and energy away from your recovery. Allow quality legal representation to guide you, at any stage of your personal injury case.

Fight for Fair Compensation


Liability and Fault in Florida

Personal injury claims in Florida encompass a wide variety of scenarios. Florida approaches each claim as a  ‘comparative fault’ state. This means monetary damages will be allocated according to the percentage of each person’s fault. For example, if you were involved in a car accident that was caused by another driver, but you were also speeding, the court may find that you were 20% at fault. As a result, your overall settlement will be reduced by 20% to account for your level of responsibility in causing the crash. If the court ultimately awards you $10,000 in damages for your injuries, you will actually only be entitled to receive $8,000. 

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Do We Handle?

At the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield - P.A in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we understand how difficult life can become. That’s why we make it a point to provide personal attention to each and every client in the following types of cases and more:

  • Auto accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Truck accidents
  • Workers’ compensation/work-related accidents

Remember, your health should be your top priority. Focus on getting better — we’ll take care of the rest.

Act Fast in South Florida

According to the statute of limitations in Florida, you have four years since the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim. While this may seem like a long time, the legal process can be slow-moving, and so it is important that you immediately contact a lawyer. A speedy investigation of your injury is crucial because the responsible party’s insurance company is also conducting an investigation with the intent of defeating your claim. Act fast so you can get back to focusing on what matters.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Personal injuries are not only frustrating in the moment but have far-reaching implications for your future. We understand how frustrating an injury can be. When compassionate, dedicated personal injury attorneys can be at your side to collaborate with you to seek an optimal settlement, it can make all the difference. Whether negotiating a reasonable settlement or acting aggressively in court, your personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights and strategize for your future. If you live in Miami, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, or southwest Florida, contact us at the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield - P.A. in Fort Lauderdale for a free consultation today.