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The time to think about how a divorce would affect your life is before you file for divorce not after. At the law firm of Theodore H. Enfield in Miami, Florida, we offer a free initial consultation to explain Florida family law in easy-to-understand language. Contact my office to speak with one of the most reputable Family Law Attorneys.

With more than 30 years of experience in Miami family law & having helped several Florida families deal with family law issues such as divorce and domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, equitable property settlement, child custody & support, I can guide you through all of the issues that are likely to arise. It might be your first divorce, but it’s not mine.

Many people make an emotional decision to file for divorce without understanding all of the consequences it could have on their lives. However, as an experienced lawyer, I believe there are some important things to think about before filing for divorce:

What about your finances? There are certain steps you can take to put your financial house in order before you file for divorce. At the same time, there are certain things you must avoid to stay out of trouble with the family court.
Who is the primary caregiver for the children? The courts will consider the status quo when ordering temporary or permanent child custody and visitation. If you do not like the status quo, the time to change it is before you file for divorce.

What about your retirement? Many people are blindsided by the fact that 401(k) plans and pension plans are community property and must be shared with their spouse.

When you consider what is at stake, your relationships, your children and your property it is important to seek a lawyer’s advice before you make any major family decisions.

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