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Parenting Plan Attorneys In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Children are often hypersensitive when their parents divorce. They may not truly understand how the dynamics of their home and family life will shift. They may be unaware that their educational and travel needs may need to be arranged. Further, they may feel frightened and uneasy about the establishment of a new life without the other parent. This can cause much turmoil for the child. In order to prevent as much instability as possible, it is best that parents rely on a parenting plan so that the child will have a structured childhood and a sense of belonging after a divorce. At the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield - P.A., our divorce lawyers in Miami can help you create a parenting plan that protects and ensures the best interests of your child.

What Is A Parenting Plan?

Parenting plans are agreements that divorced and/or separated parents adhere to in order to provide their child with proper care and maintenance. In most cases, parents can rely on previous court documents that have been filed or received, such as affidavits, declarations, petitions and summons. These documents can help you fully evaluate your unique circumstance so that you may reach a suitable agreement. A family law attorney can help you understand how to use such documentation to your advantage.

Generally, parenting plans should outline the following:

  • Custody arrangements
  • The child’s living arrangements
  • Time sharing and/or visitation plans
  • Child support arrangements (if necessary)
  • The child’s financial issues, needs and expenses and how such financial needs will be divided between both parents
  • The child’s educational needs and extracurricular activities
  • The child’s medical needs and form of care
  • The child’s religious needs

Overall, the parenting plan governs how the child will be raised by outlining the specifics of his or her everyday life. For assistance with creating an efficient parenting plan, you should contact an experienced divorce lawyer in Miami, Florida.

How To Create A Parenting Plan

In most cases, divorced and/or separated parents are able to negotiate and create their own plan for raising the child. Some parents opt to allow one parent with more time and responsibility for the child due to working and financial conditions, while others may opt for a 50/50 parenting plan. If parents experience difficulty with outlining agreeable conditions for the parenting plan, they may wish to consult with a mediator or a custody lawyer in Miami to create a feasible parenting plan that works for the child and the parents. Although parenting plans can be modified when significant changes occur and/or evidence is presented that proves that the parenting plan is no longer effective, it is best to create a parenting plan that will last. The child should experience as little drastic events as possible, and this requires a sound and feasible parenting agreement.

In cases in which abuse, neglect and/or domestic violence occurred within the home, parents may wish to rely on the experience and expertise of a custody evaluator. A custody attorney in Miami can help you select an experienced child custody evaluator. These professionals will observe the circumstances of your home life and family dynamics, interview your child and determine the most appropriate plan for your child’s general well-being.

Divorce Attorneys In Florida

A divorce attorney can be extremely beneficial to your family, especially when tensions and/or ill feelings exist during and/or after a divorce. The key is not to allow such negative energy to dampen the child’s life or stunt the child’s healthy growth and development. By relying on experienced divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Theodore H. Enfield - P.A., you can trust that your parenting plan will be feasible and reliable.

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