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The dangers posed by truck driver fatigue

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Highways in Florida have been the scene of far too many accidents. Many of these were caused by truck drivers who are fatigued due to unrealistic deadlines or other job-related factors.

How can fatigue become a danger?

Truck drivers who suffer from fatigue can cause motor vehicle accidents. This usually occurs because their lack of rest causes them to lose their sharpness and focus. A truck driver who suffers from fatigue may be unable to respond quickly enough to keep their truck from getting into an accident.

A truck driver may notice a danger up ahead. Their fatigue may render them unable to make the right decision to avoid it. As a result, they may plow straight into it. Many truck drivers may struggle with sleepiness because they use illegal drugs to stay awake. This, in turn, can lead to an increased potential for accidents.

One of the most hazardous situations can occur when a car gets into a truck driver’s blind spot. This happens when you are driving directly, or nearly directly, alongside a big commercial truck. A fatigued driver may not stop to check the lanes beside them when they make a turn. If you are in their blind spot, you run the risk of collision.

Avoiding an accident with a fatigued driver

Accidents with trucks are becoming more common. A truck driver who is fatigued or impaired by alcohol or drugs may exhibit certain behaviors. This is the reason that other drivers are on the road are urged to pay more attention.

If you see a truck weaving in between lanes or taking too long to brake, this may be a sign of fatigue. You can reduce your speed in order to let the truck get far ahead of you. This can help you stay out of their way and avoid a collision.