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Warm weather increases the risk of car accidents

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

We often associate extreme and hazardous driving conditions with the winter season. The frozen pavements present slippery surfaces that increase the likelihood of vehicular motor accidents. However, it is because of this very association that people are less likely to drive during the winter. You may be surprised to know that more car accidents happen in states with warmer climates.

More people on the road

During winter, you cannot leave the house whenever you want, especially in areas that experience heavy snow. Some people leave their own states for the winter. They flock to states like Florida, where the warm coastal climate presents desirable weather conditions all year round. Not only are more people on the road but there are more pedestrians as well.

Teenagers love to head to Miami Beach when the weather gets warm. The beach is particularly busy in March because of families vacationing and Spring Break. Teenagers are inexperienced and sometimes reckless drivers that are more likely to drive distracted and intoxicated.

Heat affects a person’s physical and mental well-being

People are more prone to anger and aggression when they feel uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Heat stress can cause delirium and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to heat stress may cause critical illness and even death. Studies also found that extreme heat and rising temperatures can cause a mental health relapse. Heat can also be triggering for people with underlying mental health issues.

Heat causes vehicle malfunctions

Hot weather can adversely affect your tires, causing the air inside your tires to expand. It increases the risks of a tire blowout. The warm temperature may also cause your engine to overheat.

Remember to keep yourself and your car hydrated during warmer days. Do not allow the increase in temperature to send you or someone else to the hospital.