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Save lives and money by properly loading your truck’s trailer

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can cause a lot of harm to the driver of the truck and to many other vehicles on the road, and improper loading is one reason that truck accidents happen. There are three main ways that a truck can be improperly loaded, and if you’re in an accident for any of these reasons, you could need medical help and more. It’s best to simply avoid these types of accidents when driving your truck in Florida.

Types of improper loading

If you want to avoid one of the main reasons for truck accidents, you should make sure that the load is balanced. An unbalanced load will affect the handling, which could cause the trailer to tip. When weight is too far to the front, the brakes can become sensitive, and if one side of the trailer is loaded more than the other, a jackknife accident is more likely.

Too much weight can also increase the likelihood of an accident. For instance, if you have too much weight, you can lose control of the truck on a decline because it takes more braking power to stop a truck that’s heavier. And if you have an unsecured load, the contents could move around in the trailer, which could disrupt the center of gravity, leading to either the front or back having more weight or the contents shifting to one side of the trailer.

Dangers of winter weather conditions for trucks

Improper loading is one of the major factors that play into many truck accidents, but winter weather in Florida, which can include severe rain storms, can also increase the likelihood that you have an accident while in your truck. Lots of water on the road can cause a truck to hydroplane, which is even more dangerous if your truck is already improperly loaded.

If you want to save lives and a lot of money, taking the time to ensure that your truck is safely loaded is essential. It will also make the truck easier to drive when there are conditions that you’re not in control of, such as weather.