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Spotting and avoiding distracted drivers

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Distracted driving could cause collisions on Florida roads. Those hoping to avoid a crash might keep alert for motorists who exhibit certain characteristics.

Common signs

Distracted drivers might engage in several distracting behaviors that affect them cognitively, visually, or manually. Sometimes, the same behavior could involve combined distractions, such as drinking coffee while driving. The person might look at a coffee cup in a holder and take it in their hands. A commuter might notice the driver’s head is not looking at the road, and one hand isn’t on the wheel.

Often, a distracted driver gives off many signs, including talking while driving, looking away from the road, or engaging in activities that have nothing to do with the safe operation of a vehicle.

Not everyone may see how the driver behaves, but how the vehicle travels might give off red flags about a distracted driver. If someone stays paused at an intersection when a red light turns green, the driver might be daydreaming.

Cars that speed up or slow down without any reason might result from a driver’s distractions. Sometimes, the driver may drift to another lane, raising the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Distractions and negligence

Distracted driving might contribute to other problems and risky behaviors. While people can commit reckless actions traveling at a safe speed, speeding takes things and makes them worse. For example, a distracted driver, as the dangers of speeding impact on top of the ability to pay attention. A speeding car could crush a smaller vehicle due to the increased velocity, and a distracted driver might be unaware of the situation until it is too late.

No matter the specifics of a distracted driving collision, the driver’s distracting behavior could establish negligence. For example, someone texting while driving puts others at risk. The same might apply to other actions behind the wheel.