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Halloween and an increase in pedestrian accidents

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Personal Injury

Halloween is a time of the year when children can get dressed in fun costumes and get candy. However, it’s also a time of year when there’s an increased risk of accidents involving Florida pedestrians whether the holiday falls on a weekend or on a day during the week.

More traffic

One of the reasons why there are more pedestrian accidents on Halloween is due to the increase in traffic on the roads. Many parents begin getting on the road when children get home from school, which puts more vehicles on the roads in the afternoon and evening compared to a typical evening. The combination of more vehicles and children and parents walking on sidewalks and crossing roadways can lead to an increase in the number of accidents among pedestrians.


Another common reason why there are more accidents on Halloween among pedestrians is due to the timing of the holiday. There’s usually less daylight during this time of the year with darkness falling just as children begin trick-or-treating. Even though many people use flashlights while they are going from house to house, it can still be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, especially if they wear dark costumes or walk on streets or sidewalks that aren’t well-lit.


While many towns have sidewalks that pedestrians can use on Halloween and during the rest of the year, there are some cities where children might need to walk in the grass along the sides of the road to trick-or-treat. This can increase the risk of accidents between vehicles and pedestrians as well.

During the Halloween season, trick-or-treating can be a fun adventure with safety in mind when it comes to vehicles on the road.