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Making the divorce process less complicated

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Divorce

When you’ve made the decision that your marriage is over, the next step is filing for divorce in Florida. Instead of feeling challenged or as though the process is stressful, there are some steps to keep in mind so that it’s easier.


If you’re able to communicate with your partner, then you could possibly settle everything during the divorce process outside of court. You want to talk about alimony, child support, visitation with your children, and how to divide your property in a calm manner. This can sometimes be completed without an attorney if you know how to file the necessary paperwork with the court. If you’re unable to communicate, then a mediator or an attorney would likely be needed.


When children are involved, you want to carefully consider the outcome of your divorce as you want them to be able to spend time with both parents. Make an initial parenting plan that you can both work from before creating a calendar so that both of you know when you’ll have your children. You should also take this time to talk about any school activities and holidays.


Gather all of the documents pertaining to your finances as you’re going to need to split them fairly and appropriately. Make a list of payments that are in both names, copies of bank statements, medical bills, stock information, and anything else that needs to be divided.

While the divorce process might seem detailed, informing yourself can reduce its complexity. Take your time when making decisions and ensure that you understand your rights.