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Injuries from a Car Accident can Haunt you for Years

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Firm News

It’s a typical scenario that plays out across the nation every day – you’re in a car accident, you feel shaken but unhurt, you’re examined by medical officials and released with or without further treatment. However, even an injury such as a fractured arm or leg you expect to heal without incident can create problems years down the road.

In other situations, an injury following a car accident will require long-term care, rehabilitation, and can even result in a disability that affects your quality of life, ability to earn a living, and will generate substantial costs for ongoing care. Your concern will be how to meet the immediate expenses, but you may also require a significant amount of recovery time that will affect your finances.

The injuries sustained in a car accident can vary widely. While some people escape with minor scrapes, cuts, contusions, and bruising, you may not be so fortunate. Some types of injuries don’t heal as planned or not at all. You may require hospitalization and your treatment may not end once you’re released. Rehabilitation, services of a specialist, and medical equipment may also be needed.

Your ability to work and earn a living can be affected on a temporary or permanent basis. The physical injuries of a car accident are only part of the potential health issues you may encounter. There is often significant emotional trauma after a car accident that can affect you long after any physical injuries have healed.

There are dozens of potential complications that can arise from an auto accident that may not be readily apparent. For instance, certain types of bone fractures may not be apparent on x-rays immediately following an accident. Signs and symptoms may only appear 7-10 days later. Stress fractures may not show on an x-ray until 4-5 weeks later, while others may never be seen on a traditional x-ray.

Even if you don’t think you’ve sustained a serious injury in a car accident, it’s always best to undergo an immediate exam by a physician. It will be critical for documenting any injuries and pain you’re experiencing in the event that you need to claim benefits or begin litigation.