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Car Accident Overwhelm? Hire a Lawyer

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2020 | Firm News

A serious car accident can easily overwhelm an individual, and not just in terms of injuries, property damage or financial liability. Those that have been in an accident may also suffer from emotional issues, be looking at loss of income, and need to deal with what may seem like an insurmountable mountain of forms and phone calls from insurance company and HR representatives.

The solution is hiring a lawyer experienced in accident claims. He/she will be an advocate, spokesperson, and help individuals successfully navigate every step of the claims process. An attorney can assist with litigation should difficulties be encountered with insurance companies. Never cash or deposit a check from any insurance company until a lawyer has been consulted. Doing so could rob you of future benefits.

It’s extremely difficult to deal with paperwork and other details when an individual is experiencing pain and the potential for life-changing injuries. There will be a certain amount of shock, worry about medical bills, and even concern about retaining employment if the individual will need to be off work for a significant amount of time. A lawyer can also help in the event that a client is permanently disabled.

One of the things that a lawyer will do is obtain all the pertinent documentation required to deal with insurance adjusters, the settlement process, and the court system if litigation is required. One of the most valuable services a lawyer provides is alleviating stress, allowing clients to focus on healing and regaining their health.

Even with auto and health insurance, individuals often encounter difficulties in terms of paying for medical costs resulting from an accident. Some insurance companies will try to shift the financial responsibility, causing an additional level of anxiety on a client that has already suffered. A lawyer will minimize anxiety, deal with entities on a client’s behalf, and help ensure they receive all the benefits to which they’re entitled.

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