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Do Divorces have to be Messy?

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Firm News

People read about the details of messy celebrity divorces all the time, but there are actually amicable divorces, too. Divorces typically get messy due to the emotional trauma of dissolving a marriage. They can get particularly contentious when there are children, if significant money or assets are involved, if a partner contests the divorce, or if infidelity is a factor.

A divorce gets messy when there’s a lot of fighting and disagreements over topics ranging from child custody and alimony to child support and distribution of assets. The emotional pain and trauma of a divorce can cloud anyone’s perspective, even if they’d like the proceedings to be conducted on a non-combative basis.

In some situations, mediation can be utilized to keep divorces from devolving into a free-for-all. An amicable divorce doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful, that the parties hurt any less, or have fewer regrets. It does mean less trauma for the couple and any children, along with less financial burden in a drawn out court battle.

The Blame Game

A “peaceful” divorce begins by not throwing blame at the other party. It can be extremely difficult in situations where there’s been infidelity or abuse. However, people divorce for any number of reasons and they simply want to move on with their life.

Look at the Big Picture

In a divorce, no one ever gets everything they want, whether it’s a summer beach home, an expensive luxury vehicle, or highly desirable company stocks. It’s important that each party look at what they’ll need after the divorce and envision life thereafter.

Negotiate in Good Faith

It’s up to each party’s lawyer to negotiate on their behalf and clients have to be honest about what they want and why. It will help each party’s lawyer to demonstrate why their client should be the recipient of specific assets.

The Child’s Welfare

If the divorcing couple has children, the needs of the child should be the foremost consideration. A co-parenting plan should be put in place that spells out in detail how various situations, visitation and support will be addressed.

Make Good Choices

Couples have the choice to negotiate a divorce or litigate it. Negotiating provides more opportunities for both parties to retain their dignity and arrive at decisions that are best for everyone involved rather than simply getting revenge. Litigation takes time, money, and can cause emotional scars for everyone concerned.

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