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Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney? YES

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Firm News

Employees should never assume that Workers’ Compensation will automatically pay for the cost of medical treatment and lost income in the event of a work-related accident. There are some federal laws regarding Workers’ Compensation, but there are also state laws that come into play. No matter how good the relationship is with an employer, all that can change in an instant if a Workers’ Compensation claim is filed.

Some employers automatically dispute every aspect of a claim. That’s when it’s essential to hire a Worker’s Compensation attorney that can fight for a client’s right to have their associated medical bills paid, wages reimbursed, and obtain disability benefits when appropriate. Settlements may also include training in another type of employment should the individual not be able to return to their regular work.

The employee’s attorney will ascertain the facts, obtain the necessary statements and medical reports from physicians and medical experts, perform legal research, file all required paperwork, and defend and represent the client before a judge. The Workers’ Compensation attorney will also guide clients through every step of the proceedings and can negotiate any settlement.

A Workers’ Compensation attorney functions similarly to a personal injury lawyer, but with special skills and expertise in this particular segment of the law and how it applies to clients in their specific state. Some of the most common types of injuries dealt with are, falls from heights, slip and fall accidents, lifting and repeated strain injuries, vehicle accidents, equipment malfunctions, and failure to provide safety equipment.

Each injury and instance is different. Some employers consider Workers’ Compensation money well spent to ensure a valued employee is retained. There are others that fear their insurance rates will increase if a claim is paid and reject everything out of hand. Anyone that’s been injured on the job and had their claim rejected should engage the services of an attorney specializing in Workers’ Compensation cases.