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Marriage Separation With Minimal Drama

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Firm News

The modern marriage has become something difficult to define. Traditionally, marriages were shaped by religious customs and cultural ideals. Couples were often introduced by family members and would try to replicate what they had seen their parents and grandparents do. For many people this is still the case and when their relationships hit rocky patches, they look to their families and to their religious institutions for help. But increasingly, couples who do not have a religious foundation to turn to, or who have not found the necessary help within their religious institution or family unit, turn to a lawyer to advise them on how to proceed when they face the prospect of separating. At this time, they may find it necessary to start researching divorce attorneys in Miami.

Theodore H. Enfield, a highly respected and experienced with over 29 years of experience in Miami family law, announces his new methods of mediation for couples considering separation. It often takes a couple a long time to reach a definite decision to separate. Similarly, once a couple has decided to legally separate, they may not have given up all hope. They can take their separation one step at a time and if both parties come to an agreement to give the marriage another chance, divorce may not actually be the ultimate result. What Miami divorce lawyerTheodore H. Enfield can offer couples who find that their relationship has come to a crossroads, is options. When a couple has decided, mutually, that they no longer feel able to live together, divorce is not necessarily the next step. A trial separation, where a couple can experience what it might feel like to be divorced, could be a useful experiment. At this time, Theodore H. Enfield, an expert in legal separation in Florida, can give advice on a number of steps that can be taken. These include steps such as getting separate bank accounts and separating joint property. Again, it does not necessarily mean divorce is the going to be the end conclusion, but it may give a couple some necessary time apart so that they can decide what they would like to do next. Separation is also time-sensitive. If children are involved, they may need a time limit after which they need closure one way or another. Sometimes a new partner comes into play, and this can alter things. In all events, Theodore H. Enfield has had the experience of so many different scenarios that he is easily able to advise on best course of action for a couple to take.