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How to Keep Children Out Of Court When it Comes to Child Custody

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Firm News

The last thing any child needs, and the thing that children of divorcing couples usually fear the most, is being offered the choice of whether to live with Mom or Dad. While parents may feel they are being fair in giving their offspring a choice, it puts the children in the impossible position of choosing which of their beloved parents they are going to offend and disappoint. Even when both parents insist that they will not be hurt either way, a child will usually feel a great dilemma and huge pressure to make the right choice.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, when couples are unable to agree, amicably, on the custody of their children, they may end up fighting it out in court. This sometimes leads to children being made to appear in court and explain their feelings, which is not in the best interests of any child. Court is a cold and frightening place for children, especially when their family structure is being debated and deconstructed. The best thing for any child is to have both parents agree on what is in their best interests and then be told what is going to happen. In most cases, when parents agree and decide on something, the children happily accept it.

Theodore H. Enfield, a Miami Dade county attorney with almost 30 years of experience, announces a use of new and personalized methods of helping couples choose how to divide the custody of the children when divorce becomes inevitable. By guiding and advising families in a comfortable environment, Theodore H. Enfield gives them the opportunity to settle their custody case between them, without dragging it through court. Child custody then just becomes a case of completing and signing paperwork rather than a dramatic battleground that could emotionally harm the children. Children need to feel safe, they need structure and boundaries, and when Mom and Dad have agreed on something, most children will feel comfortable with it.

Divorce is often a painful and dramatic conclusion to years and years of trying to make a marriage work. By the time a couple is looking for a child custody lawyer in Miami, there have probably been many attempts at reconciliation and mediation. At this point, the children may have already become aware of the situation and it is in their best interests that a resolution is reached quickly. In other cases, what any family in this situation needs is an attorney with many years of experience, specializing in child custody. In his family law office in Miami, Theodore H. Enfield has helped countless families reach a fair and amicable conclusion with the least amount of distress caused to the parents and children.