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Relocation after Divorce Can Disrupt the Family

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News

Going through a divorce is often a particularly difficult and painful time, for both parents and children. Once the divorce is finalized, however, it is usually a great relief for everyone. The whole family can start to rebuild and heal in their new situation, which obviously means adjusting to two different households. If the status quo remained the same after this time, there would be no more stress. But, unfortunately, change is always potentially around the corner.

What happens if one parent wishes to relocate, to another state or another country? How does that affect agreed custody arrangements? The desire, or need, to relocate can often disrupt an already fragile situation. Several years after thinking they had seen the last of divorce lawyers and courtrooms, it can be very distressing if a couple find they are at an impasse over a new issue. This usually requires new negotiations, and it can also sometimes open old wounds and cause new problems. Even the most amicable divorce can sometimes leave unresolved grievances that get buried, but can bubble to the surface in the event of new negotiations. This can disrupt the family even further.