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Consultation With an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages thought to be even higher, the need for good advice when facing a separation is greater than ever. Marriage is not something people generally go into expecting it to come to an end, but sadly this option is sometimes unavoidable. However, getting the right advice on legal separation can make what is an emotionally difficult time, go as smoothly as possible.

Theodore H. Enfield, a Miami divorce attorney, with over 30 years of experience, announces a complimentary initial consultation for those considering a divorce. This enables individuals and couples to consider their options before committing to what can be a costly process. There are so many issues to consider when entering into divorce proceedings. If there are children involved, custody has to be agreed upon and child support negotiated. There will most likely be the splitting up of assets and finances, which can be complicated. With his experience and knowledge, Theodore H. Enfield, a Miami Dade County attorney, can advise on the best course of action when addressing these issues.

Although it may sound unromantic and a little cold, these days some couples like to be prepared for the possibility of a relationship ending before they enter into the marriage, which is why it can be prudent to get advice on prenuptial agreements ahead of joining together in matrimony. While no one wants to enter a marriage expecting that it will come to an end, by making a simple agreement in happier times, a lot of difficulties and heartbreak can be saved down the line if the marriage does come to an end. It is almost like an insurance policy. People will readily take out an insurance policy against the possibility of a hurricane hitting their house. This does not mean that someone expects or wants that hurricane to hit their house, but they accept that such factors are out of their control. It is prudent to view marriage in the same way, to consider that a prenuptial agreement does not suggest any expectation or desire for the marriage to come to an end, it is simply a straightforward insurance policy against that eventuality.

As a long-standing Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, Theodore H. Enfield can also advise on all aspects of family law. Whether the issue is a divorce, a property settlement, a domestic violence dispute, or a child custody issue, Theodore H. Enfield offers comprehensive and clear advice that is understandable and presents an individual’s choices. An initial complimentary telephone consultation is available to everybody.