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Complimentary Consultation with a Family Lawyer

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News

In most cases, decisions to separate or file for divorce are fueled by emotion. When a marriage dissolves, in most cases, the law gets to decide the extent of financial obligation for both parties. If children are part of the equation, the percentage becomes even more complex.

Each individual’s monthly income is reviewed in determining what the court deems as fair and equal. Without a proper understanding how alimony is calculated, and knowledge about the different options available, the final dollar amount each party will be required to pay could be drastically different.

Theodore Enfield, announces a complimentary initial consultation for child alimony assistance.

As T. Enfield learned with experience, unanswered questions and lack of knowledge could result in one custodial parent paying more than their fair share.

Long before the custody hearing even begins, Theodore Enfield ensures his clients are familiar with Florida’s child support legal process and fully understand their options, answering such questions as:

  • Is it wise to forfeit all parental rights when it comes to paying alimony payments?
  • Does joint custody mean 50/50 share in expenses?
  • If one custodian parent was a stay-at-home parent while the other one worked outside the home, how is alimony determined?
  • What happens if one of the parties moves or their financial situation changes?
  • Where is the payment sent? Directly to the other party or the court?
  • What happens if alimony payments are late or not paid at all?

The high-profile Miami Dade lawyer provides a complimentary consultation in the benefit of helping his client’s fully understand exactly what a divorce entails and potential long-term impacts it can cause; especially if children are involved. There are certain steps the divorcee can take to put the financial house in order before filing for divorce. At the same time, there are certain things to avoid staying out of trouble with the family court.

With over 30 years of family law experience, T. Enfield is well-versed in both state and federal alimony laws. His experience, combined with his proven track record makes him the most suitable child alimony attorney in the state.

Theodore Enfield, a family law attorney, is Miami resident’s primary choice when it comes to understanding their rights regarding separation, divorce, child custody and alimony payments.

For over three decades the law firm of Theodore H. Enfield has helped multiple families deal with family law issues pertaining to: divorce, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, property settlements and alimony payments.

For more information about Florida alimony laws or other types of legal services, contact the Law Office of Theodore H. Enfield by calling or visit theodoreenfield.com.