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A Winning Strategy for Divorcing Couples

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News

Theodore H. Enfield, a prominent child custody lawyer in Miami, announces some of his top winning tactics that can be adopted by couples to avail the custody of their child when divorce becomes inevitable. With vast experience as a divorce attorney in Miami, T. Enfield advises divorcing couples to avoid dragging their child custody case to the court and suggests that they must seek every possible way to settle it between them for the well being of their child. According to him, “Parents must circumvent making child custody case a dramatic battlefield which can be detrimental to their child’s welfare and happiness. Children need to feel safe and comfortable and when their parents have agreed on something unanimously, they feel grounded and safe.” However, at times, due to unavoidable circumstances, taking the matter to the court becomes inexorable.

For child custody cases that cannot be handled outside the courtroom, this eminent family and divorce lawyer in Miami, also known for amicably handling child custody cases, discloses a few of the winning strategies for the parents as follows:

Allowing child to go on the other parent’s visitation: One of the crucial factors for custody determination is the better ability of a parent to share a child with the other parent. Hence, Theodore H. Enfield, a child custody lawyer, is recommending the parents to ensure that their children go on each of the other parent’s visitations.

Being acquainted with children’s doctors, teacher and school counselors: It is important for the parents who have filed for the custody of their child to know his/her teachers, scout leaders, coaches, doctors, etc, as they are the one who can make for an excellent witness. Divorcing parents who wish to attain their child’s custody should therefore ensure attending each of their child’s school functions and parent conferences.

Avoiding inclusion of boyfriend or girlfriend in any of the child visitation: Theodore H. Enfield advocates parents recently separated from their spouse avoid including their new girlfriend or boyfriend for any of their child’s visitation. Living with the boyfriend or the girlfriend or spending the night with them, when the child is around can be interpreted as negligence of a parent’s responsibilities towards his/her child by the court. Hence, all the possible steps must be taken to avoid such scenarios, especially during the initial phase of divorce.

Being in contact with all the potential witnesses: It is important to stay in contact with all the potential witnesses so that they can be easily contacted for testimony. Parents seeking child’s custody should try having current addresses and telephone numbers of all the possible witnesses.