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The Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Firm News

It is estimated that 40% – 50% of all marriages will end in a divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher, at around 60%. In helping a divorce go as planned, there are some do’s and don’ts that are helpful to remember.


Do use an experience matrimonial attorney. Using an attorney is one of the most beneficial things to obtaining a simple divorce. Attorneys, such as family law attorney Theodore Enfield, have many years of experience in divorce papers and a well rounded knowledge of the law to ensure that interests are protected and met.

Do be honest and upfront. This is important when using an attorney. Tell them everything expected from the divorce. Clarify important needs, interests, and priorities.

Do make a list. Write down things wished to be achieved, children’s needs and plans, and financial goals. Prepare a package of financial information including items such as tax returns, bank statements, securities account information, credit card statements, loan documents, and real estate transactions.

Do be practical and flexible. Finding middle ground often results in a quicker and easier conclusion in divorce cases. Practicality aids in communication and allows attorneys do their divorce papers more efficiently.

Do make sure children know they are not the reason for the divorce. Divorce can be a traumatic experience for children. Ongoing parental conflict can increase children’s risk of psychological and social problems. This is why it is important to let children know what is going on, without making them feel like a problem and without putting them in the middle of things.

Do document everything. Divorce papers can be simple when you have everything in order. It is always important to write down or make copies of everything, especially whatever might be important later on. Keep a journal of important dates and events.

Do know about assets and debts. When staking a claim in assets, remember that choosing the wrong assets may end up costing money, instead of making money. Clarify what needs to be divided. For debts, make sure to be aware of financial situations. Cancel any joint credit cards and accounts and open an individual account at a different bank than that used by a spouse. Also make sure to check insurances, such as medical insurance; oftentimes insurance can end with the divorce.

Do show respect. Respect is important in all things. Maintaining respect for a spouse can help calm emotions and can help communication. Remaining respectful to an attorney will help them better serve.


Don’t represent alone. Divorce is difficult enough without going into it unprepared. Attorneys know the law and can help to determine the best options. Divorce attorney Theodore Enfield has had many years of practice in helping couples divorce smoothly with as few problems as possible.

Don’t overly involve children. Children need to know what is happening, but they don’t need every detail. Don’t vent to them or treat them like a therapist. Children are not psychologically developed enough to understand everything that is going on. Never argue in front of children.

Don’t get overly emotional. Although divorce can be a very difficult time, it is best to try to remain as calm as possible. Having extreme emotions can lead to many problems. If children are involved, this may increase their insecurity and fear about the future. Take time to calm down before making decisions. Try to find the best approach to solve a problem. If emotions cannot be controlled, getting help from a professional may be the best option.

Don’t forget to think. Think about the consequences of every action beforehand. Avoid making life-changing decisions until they have been thought about thoroughly.

A divorce will affect legally, financially, and emotionally. Although deciding a divorce isn’t easy, certain steps can be taken to make the process much easier. Divorce attorney Miami expert Theodore Enfield can help in providing the help and advice that is needed in making the divorce period as smooth as possible.