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Child Support Helps All Involved

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Firm News

When marriages that involve children break down, parents are often times left in disagreement over who is responsible for whichever part of their care. As a result, federal and state courts are called upon in a divorce or annulment in order to make sure that everyone involved receives a fair and just settlement to these issues. Commonly, courts will rule that one parent will have primary custody of the children, while the other must pay “child support,” or a monthly taxable stipend to the primary custody parent. In legal cases, this is called alimony.

Alimony is not exactly the same as child support, which is an obligatory monthly payment from one parent to the other, and pays all taxes. With alimony, the income is treated as taxable, and is deducted from the income of the receiving spouse. Alimony is occasionally called “spousal maintenance” in the United States.

Theodore Enfield, as a Miami divorce lawyer, announced today that he will provide advice and legal counsel at every step of a family case involving alimony or custody of children. Because divorce is so often fueled by emotion and passions run high and strong during this intense time, it helps to have level-headed, informed moderators in the form of legal counsel—for both parties. With T. Enfield, legal separation in Florida can be a smooth process for all involved.

Alimony differs from state to state, but generally it lasts for a term or period whose length depends on the length of the marriage. Another factor affecting alimony is the relative income of both parents; usually, the more money that parents make, the more they are ordered to pay in alimony. Fault in the marital breakdown also plays a significant role in alimony amount and obligation, especially in Florida. Fault is usually determined to be adultery or domestic abuse, or involving similar circumstances. The entire spectrum of alimony law is undergoing reform in the United States, and always depends on the case; this is why strong legal counsel is so important to have in cases like this.

Miami divorce attorney Theodore Enfield is experienced with dealing with a wide range of alimony negotiations, from temporary modifications to reductions of alimony. He is also experienced with custody and family negotiations, and is able to negotiate the most beneficial position possible for clients undergoing legal separation in Florida.