Give Notice of Your Work Injury

Many people that are injured while working don’t report it unless it’s a major incident. What you may not know is that some seemingly small accidents can have major repercussions and long-lasting effects. There are many good reasons why you should notify a supervisor of any injury. Continue reading

What to do if Injured at Work

Millions of injuries occur in the workplace every year and many employees don’t know what the protocols are when it happens. Some injuries are minor and some are life-threatening. Many people continue to work even after they’re hurt without realizing that they’re exacerbating the injury or that it was worse than it appeared. Continue reading

Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney? YES

Employees should never assume that Workers’ Compensation will automatically pay for the cost of medical treatment and lost income in the event of a work-related accident. There are some federal laws regarding Workers’ Compensation, but there are also state laws that come into play. No matter how good the relationship is with an employer, all that can change in an instant if a Workers’ Compensation claim is filed. Continue reading

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