Negligence isn’t Always Easy to Prove

Negligence is a term that confuses many people whether it’s in regard to a car accident, dog bite incident, or a trip and fall injury. It’s a concept that can be difficult to prove in a court of law, which is typically where accusations of negligence end up. A person can be considered negligent and liable if he/she fails to act as a prudent person would under a given set of circumstances. Continue reading

Accident Victim Compensation

Individuals that have been the victim of an auto accident may be entitled to compensation and the court may rule that you deserve a personal injury award. It can involve economic damages, non-economic damages or both. , depending upon the nature of the personal injury claim and the facts surrounding the case. Continue reading

Why Seek Legal Guidance After an Injury

An accident of any kind is a traumatic event and people are often in varying degrees of shock afterward. The body automatically pumps adrenaline into the bloodstream as part of its fight or flight response. It helps block the pain response which can lead people to believe they’re not injured, even when they are. Continue reading

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