Ways to Avoid a Messy Child Custody Case

The dissolution of a marriage or long-term relationship is never a pleasant affair and it becomes infinitely more difficult when children are involved. Each party typically believes they can parent better. Emotions are intense and in some instances, a parent may contest custody simply as an act of revenge. Messy child custody cases can be avoided if everyone remembers the most important factor – what’s best for the children. Continue reading

Do Divorces have to be Messy?

People read about the details of messy celebrity divorces all the time, but there are actually amicable divorces, too. Divorces typically get messy due to the emotional trauma of dissolving a marriage. They can get particularly contentious when there are children, if significant money or assets are involved, if a partner contests the divorce, or if infidelity is a factor. Continue reading

What Income Sources can be Used Toward Child Support?

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion and parents will be responsible for the health, education and overall welfare of that child for many years to come. However, a divorce can radically change the fiscal responsibility of both parents in terms of child support. Continue reading

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