Car Accident Injuries can Linger

There’s a reason why people should receive medical treatment after a car accident – not all injuries are immediately apparent. There are some types of fractures and internal damage that will only show up with an MRI or CT scan and aren’t immediately visible with an x-ray, the typical means that’s used to identify injuries. Continue reading

What to do if Injured at Work

Millions of injuries occur in the workplace every year and many employees don’t know what the protocols are when it happens. Some injuries are minor and some are life-threatening. Many people continue to work even after they’re hurt without realizing that they’re exacerbating the injury or that it was worse than it appeared. Continue reading

Accident Victim Compensation

Individuals that have been the victim of an auto accident may be entitled to compensation and the court may rule that you deserve a personal injury award. It can involve economic damages, non-economic damages or both. , depending upon the nature of the personal injury claim and the facts surrounding the case. Continue reading

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