Miami Dade Lawyer Representation for Equal Marital Distribution

The Law Office of Theodore H. Enfield recently announced an additional service available to divorced clients entitled Equal Distribution of Marital Asset and Liability Representation.
A service designed and dedicated to helping divorcees reclaim their fair share of accumulated marital assets and liabilities following their legal separation.

As many Miami divorce lawyer would recommend, it is always best for parties to work out as much as possible without the courts involvement. However, when a divorce ends bitterly, chances of arriving at a mutual agreement on anything may not be possible.

Without the right attorney, or complete knowledge of Florida marital laws, an unequal distribution of assets could be awarded by the court.

For over three decades divorce attorney Theodore Enfield has become Miami’s preferred choice for Florida residents needing solid legal representation in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

Even as Florida law states, ‘distribution of marital property is to be equal’, there are exceptions where a greater percentage of assets could be awarded to one party over the other under certain state and federal guidelines.

Enfield’s in-depth knowledge of laws surrounding distribution of marital property ensures his clients do not have the rug pulled out from under them as the courts consider entitlements for both parties.

With years of experience handling court cases and different family law scenarios, Enfield has built a reputation as one of the trusted Miami family attorneys.

When meeting with individuals or couples seeking divorce, before any proceedings begin, the highly-experienced Miami divorce lawyer ensures his clients know exactly what to expect before they file.

The Miami Dade County attorney provides each client with a free Florida family law consultation explaining the impact divorce will have on them financially, in addition to the potential implications it may cause on the rest of their family.

Before making any major decisions, Enfield encourages clients to first seek his consultation services to get a firm understanding what is expected and the potential expenses associated in filing any lawsuit.

To schedule a complimentary consultation or inquire about different family law services the Law Firm of Theodore H. Enfield offers, call their direct line at (305) 933-9592 or toll free at 800-733-5299.

For non urgent questions or issues, simply fill out the contact form located on the homepage of the website.

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