Truck Accidents: Why Hire a Lawyer

There are very specific rules about operating a big rig and other types of large commercial trucks. Anyone involved in an accident that includes one of those vehicles should immediately hire a lawyer that has experience in that type of litigation. The injuries sustained during an accident involving a truck can be catastrophic for the victim and result in permanent disability or even death.

Regulations for commercial trucks are set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the state of Florida. During investigations into truck accidents, it’s often discovered that the trucking company was in violation of regulations and can be held accountable. The following are the most common violations.

Cargo Overload/Misload

Commercial trucks have very specific limits about the weight they can carry, along with how the weight must be distributed and how the cargo is secured.

Drunk/Drugged Driving

Drivers of commercial trucks are held to a higher standard when it comes to drugs and alcohol. A driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .04 percent will be considered to be in violation of DUI laws.

Hours of Operation

Truck drivers have limits on the number of hours they can operate the vehicle each day and per week. The limits are in place to prevent the fatigue that can lead to errors in judgment and reduce reaction times. However, time is money for truckers and they are often tempted to exceed those limits.

Poor Maintenance

Commercial carriers have specific federal regulations mandating minimum inspection standards. Unfortunately, many trucking companies skimp on this requirement and don’t take trucks out of service that fail to meet the standards or haven’t undergone adequate repair.

Weight Limits

Each truck driven on an interstate highway has a weight limit that it can carry. The laws are designed to preserve the roads and associated infrastructure from undue damage. The standards also aid in the loss of cargo and work toward making trucks safer while they travel the roadways.

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