Dissolution Of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage Case Summaries in Florida

In the case of Stefano Guizzardi v. Rosario Guizzardi, the former husband appealed a post dissolution order that granted the former wife the ability to relocate their children to Peru.The former husband’s argument regarding the appeal was that the trial court erred in applying the new relocation request statute instead of the correct statute governing all relocation requirements. The court had jurisdiction to hear the relocation request and the new law’s provisions did apply to the requirements of relocation. However, the wife was not granted the ability to relocate the children to Peru because the court did not find a substantial change in circumstances that would merit the modification of the final judgment which included a provision against the relocation of the minor children without the other parent’s full consent.

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Weekly Dissolution

Dissolution of Marriage Case Summaries

In the case of Trang Ngoan Le v. Tung Phuong Nguyen, a dissolution of marriage and child custody case, the trial court erred in not considering the best interests of the dependent children involved when creating the parenting plan for the parities’ marital settlement agreement. The wife tried to set a parenting plan before it was put into the final judgment, but the court required the former wife to prove that she had experienced a substantial change in circumstances, a very burdensome process. The final judgment was reversed and another hearing would take place to resolve the issue of the parenting plan and the child support.

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