Premarital Agreements

Florida Case Summary

In Schecter v Schecter 38 Fla L.Weekly D517, the former wife appealed a nonfinal order terminating her former husband’s agreed to and court ratified temporary alimony and attorneys fee obligation. The court found no abuse of discretion and the trial court’s decision to terminate the payment of the wife’s temporary alimony but found the order terminating the payment of her temporary fees to be without support.

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Parental Responsibility

Florida Case Summaries

In Fazzaro v Fazzaro 38 Fla.L. Weekly 578, the District Court of appeal found that the trial court abused its discretion by giving the former wife final decision-making authority over matters involving the parties child should the parties be unable to agree then by including in the parenting plan provisions assigned to the wife ultimate responsibility for the child’s education and non-emergency healthcare.

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