Protecting Children When Sharing Their Care

Every family is different, and thus every divorce is different. No matter what the reasons for the divorce are, two individuals have their separate personalities and desires, and these can determine how easy or hard the whole divorce process will be. Some couples have an amicable approach because both parties feel the same way and are focused primarily on ensuring that there is as little disruption as possible for the children. Other couples may face major difficulties because there is a great deal of resentment and bitterness on one side. But no matter how the parents feel, it is often the children who suffer the most.

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Making Divorce As Positive As Possible

Divorce doesn’t have to be as depressing as it sounds. People often feel like they have failed when their marriage doesn’t work. But the truth is, there is no magic formula for guaranteeing a successful marriage. Couples can work hard and try different methods of communication, seek counseling, and even try temporary separation periods, but when both people in a relationship reach the end of the road, then there is no other option but to file for divorce. This will feel like a dead end to most people, but it can also be viewed as a new beginning. If two people have been particularly unhappy, and they are removing the source of their unhappiness, this is surely only a good thing. Every ending is a beginning. So instead of considering a visit to a family law office in Miami as a negative act, it can conversely be viewed as a positive step towards a happier future for the whole family.

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A Winning Strategy for Divorcing Couples

Theodore H. Enfield, a prominent child custody lawyer in Miami, announces some of his top winning tactics that can be adopted by couples to avail the custody of their child when divorce becomes inevitable. With vast experience as a divorce attorney in Miami, T. Enfield advises divorcing couples to avoid dragging their child custody case to the court and suggests that they must seek every possible way to settle it between them for the well being of their child. According to him, “Parents must circumvent making child custody case a dramatic battlefield which can be detrimental to their child’s welfare and happiness. Children need to feel safe and comfortable and when their parents have agreed on something unanimously, they feel grounded and safe.” However, at times, due to unavoidable circumstances, taking the matter to the court becomes inexorable.

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