How to Keep Children Out Of Court When it Comes to Child Custody

The last thing any child needs, and the thing that children of divorcing couples usually fear the most, is being offered the choice of whether to live with Mom or Dad. While parents may feel they are being fair in giving their offspring a choice, it puts the children in the impossible position of choosing which of their beloved parents they are going to offend and disappoint. Even when both parents insist that they will not be hurt either way, a child will usually feel a great dilemma and huge pressure to make the right choice.

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Marriage Insurance Can be Made Simple

Traditionally, there has always been a slight stigma attached to the concept of prenuptial agreements. At face value they seem rather unromantic and almost like a way of tempting fate. If a couple are so in love that they are prepared to take vows promising to spend the rest of their lives together, why would they sign papers to agree on what would happen in the event of a break up? It seems particularly paradoxical. But there is another way to look at a prenuptial agreement, and that is to view it as a simple insurance policy.

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