Appealed Alimony

Florida Alimony Case Summaries

In Smith v Smith, 38 Fla. L. Weekly D637, The District Court of Appeal denied a former husband’s petition to terminate his alimony obligation on the grounds that the former wife was residing with another in a supportive relationship where the parties had entered into a marital settlement agreement that provided that alimony obligation would be nonmodifiable regardless of any change in circumstances of either party.

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Considerations to Take When Ending a Marriage

It is not at all easy to end a marriage. Filing for a divorce to end a long term relationship requires immense strength, patience and introspection. However, after a certain point in time, when a person finds it difficult to envisage a future with his partner, divorce is probably the only solution. When a person reaches that phase in his life, abruptly ending a marriage is not correct, as it would lead to several complications later on in life. Analyzing and evaluating all the aspects of life thus becomes important before any legal separation in Florida.

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Consultation With an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce and the divorce rate for subsequent marriages thought to be even higher, the need for good advice when facing a separation is greater than ever. Marriage is not something people generally go into expecting it to come to an end, but sadly this option is sometimes unavoidable. However, getting the right advice on legal separation can make what is an emotionally difficult time, go as smoothly as possible.

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