Do Divorces have to be Messy?

People read about the details of messy celebrity divorces all the time, but there are actually amicable divorces, too. Divorces typically get messy due to the emotional trauma of dissolving a marriage. They can get particularly contentious when there are children, if significant money or assets are involved, if a partner contests the divorce, or if infidelity is a factor. Continue reading

Negligence isn’t Always Easy to Prove

Negligence is a term that confuses many people whether it’s in regard to a car accident, dog bite incident, or a trip and fall injury. It’s a concept that can be difficult to prove in a court of law, which is typically where accusations of negligence end up. A person can be considered negligent and liable if he/she fails to act as a prudent person would under a given set of circumstances. Continue reading

What to do if Injured at Work

Millions of injuries occur in the workplace every year and many employees don’t know what the protocols are when it happens. Some injuries are minor and some are life-threatening. Many people continue to work even after they’re hurt without realizing that they’re exacerbating the injury or that it was worse than it appeared. Continue reading

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